Vladimir Zaharijev

Bosilegrad Municipality

Mr. Zaharijev was private entrepreneur during 1990s and till 2000. From 2001 he became President of Bosilegrad Municipality. During his mandates he succeeded to made municipality closer to the people and transform it into „service of ordinary man“.  Some of his greatest achievements are:

·         Development of  local road infrastructure (asphalting more then 30 km of roads);

·         Development of communal infrastructure;

·         Improving health care by establishing cooperation with VMA Belgrade and VMA Sofia;

·         Improving the social protection of citizens in need;

·         Acceptance of migrants from war affected countries etc.

In the period of 2004 to 2007 he was a Member of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.  In 2014 he became a President of the National Council of the Bulgarian National Minority. Some of his greatest efforts and achievements on this position are:

·         For the first time the headquarters of National Council in in Bosilegrad

·         Novo Bratstvo and Novo RTV Bosilegrad are saved from closing as media for informing on Bulgarian language

·         Classes in elementary and high school entirely in Bulgarian are once again opened, and books in Bulgarian are provided on time to the students.