Petar Djokic

Minister of Energy and Mining, Republika Srpska

Mr. Petar Djokic was born in 1961 in Brcko where he completed elementary school. He graduated from Junior Police College in Sarajevo and Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.

Mr. Djokic worked in the police department in Brcko prior to the war and performed important political functions in Brcko in the municipal assembly of Brcko where he served as a delegate and a member of the municipal Executive Board. Mr. Djokic also worked as the Commissioner for Refugees and Displaced Persons in Brcko and Inspector of the RS Refugees Commissariat. Mr. Djokic was the owner and director of the private trading company 'Intermarket' in Brcko and chairman of the Managing Board of the UNIS state company from the Republic of Srpska. During several mandates Mr. Djokic has been elected a deputy in the RS National Assembly and in two terms nominated to the position of the Speaker of the RS National Assembly and also acted as the Chairman of the RS NA Defense and Security Committee.

Mr. Djokic has been the Minister of Labor and Veterans in the Government of Republic of Srpska in two previous terms.  

Mr. Djokic lives in Brcko, father of one child.