MSc Sabina Ivanovic

Environmental Assessments WG Coordinator
Ministry of Environmental Protection

Sabina Ivanovic was born 14.07.1965. in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In 1996. she graduated in Biology at the Faculty of Biology-University of Belgrade. She has MSc degree in the Medical Waste Management in 2010. Currently, she is on PhD studies in the same field.                       

From 2003 up today, she works for the Serbian Ministry of Environment. Firstly, she was engaged in the International Cooperation Department for the period of 2 years. Since 2005, her main focus is EIA in the fields of natural resources and biodiversity, holding a position of Adviser in the Ministry. Apart of reviewing, assessment of a great number of national EIA studies and leading the decision-making processes, she took part in the projects in transboundary context (ESPOO Convention).

She have had many presentations on the implementation of the Law on EIA, presenting study cases, especially  in the field of environmental protection related to exploitation of mineral resources, in the country and abroad. She is completely responsible for decision making process of the EIA procedure.

In 2009. within the training program - Capacity Building in Environmental Related Issues in the Field of Geo – mining: “Bioremediation and Phytoremediation Techniques for the Reclamation of Mine Sites”, in Cagliari, Italy, organized by TWAS-UNESCO and FORGEA INTERNATIONAL, she had a presentation of ”The Public participation in the field of Environmental Protection related to exploitation of mineral resources”.

Also, she is author of the following guidelines:  “Guidelines on the Environmental Impact Assessment for Wind farm“(Belgrade, 2010.), “Bats and Environmental Impact Assessment-Methodological guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment” (Belgrade, 2011.) and “Guide for implementation of the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment on the Environment in Urban Planning” (Belgrade, 2015.).

Currently,she holds the position of Head of Department for EIA in the Ministry of Environmental Protection, National Focal Point for ESPOO Convention and Head of Sectoral Group for Horizontal Legislation in Chapter 27- Environment.