Marnie Finlayson

Managing Director Borates & Lithium
Rio Tinto Minerals, Jadar Project

Marnie Finlayson was appointed as the General Manager of Rio Tinto’s subsidiary in Serbia, Rio Sava Exploration in charge of Jadar Project, in September 2018.

As of October 2020 Marinie has appointed as the Managing Director Borates & Lithium.

Prior to her current role Marnie Finlayson was the Head of the Operating Model programme based in Perth and was responsible for the development and implementation of a revised group operating model to support delivery of the Rio Tinto group strategy. Up to date Marnie spent her career managing operations across a range of mining commodities including salt, iron ore, diamonds, base metals and coal.

Marnie held a number of Operational General Manager positions with Rio Tinto, including General Manager Operations - Dampier Salt Limited and General Manager – Port Maintenance with Rio Tinto Iron Ore. In both these roles, she led significant change efforts and under Marnie’s leadership, the teams significantly enhanced productivity and safety with a strong focus on engagement and local communities. She actively mentors both men and women within the mining sector and believes that this provides her with an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in an industry that she is proud to work in.

Marnie is a qualified Minerals Processing Engineer living in Serbia with her husband and two children.