Luc Zandvliet

Founder and Director
Triple R Alliance, Canada

The Founder and Director of TRA, Luc has conducted over 90 site visits with 30+ companies. He is frequently asked by senior leadership teams to advise their approach and supports companies in the development of their social performance management systems. Together with Mary Anderson, Luc co-authored Getting it Right; Making Company-Community Relations Work, which benchmarks best practices with regard to company/community relations in contexts of social and political instability and is broadly used in the industry.

With TRA, Luc aims to demystify how to obtain and maintain positive company-community relations by embedding above-ground risk issues into existing business processes. Luc has conducted over 100 site visits to mining and oil operations in 30 countries to conduct assessments, develop procedures and coach local teams. At the corporate level, he supports companies in the development of strategies and management systems.

In addition to working directly with companies, Luc has collaborated with extractive industry associations on the implementation of pilot and guidance projects for major and junior extractive companies (ICMM, IPIECA, and PDAC). He has also worked with departments in the Canadian Government to develop practical tool-kits and training modules for managing company-community issues. Luc is also a Senior Associate with Shift, an independent, non-profit center for business and human rights practice.