Ljubinko Djokic

Assistant Mayor
City of Loznica

Ljubinko Djokic, Assistant Mayor of Loznica City was born on Vidovdan (28 june) in 1954 in Pađine, municipality of Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade and began his working career in Loznica, at the Secondary Technical School. For three mandates, he was the principal of this school, where he left an indelible mark on the inventiveness of teaching and the education of several generations of students, future experts in the field of technical sciences. Djokic's entire professional career is based on raising the quality of teaching in Loznica's education, student standards, modernization and equipment of twenty schools in Loznica's area. Few people have achieved so much in their lives, earn respect for their associates, and exemplified generations of educators. These values were the best recommendation for Professor Ljubinko Djokic to be nominated by the Mayor of Loznica Mr. Vidoje Petrovic to be  his first associate in 2004 , and the Vice President of the Local Parlament. In his first term, he made a lasting contribution to raising the image of Loznica's education - from equipping schools with computers and modern offices. With the support of the Mayor, he contributed to the construction of a new school building for the segregated elementary school Stepa Stepanović in Gornja Badanja in order not to forget area where the most glittering victory in the Battle of Cer was won in the First World War.His great energy contributed to the momentum of other social activities in Loznica, both in creating projects for secondary and elementary schools and in working with the non-governmental sector, social organizations, local communities. That is why, for the fourth term, he is in the high position of Assistant Mayor of Loznica. Commitment to the vocation it deals with, immediacy and charm best represent the sublime economy with which the city of Loznica can always be proud and a reliable partner to the central authorities of Serbia and the wider region.