Kresnik Bektesi

Minister of Economy
Republic of North Macedonia


1 Jul 2016–31 Dec 2016 Head of International Office Agency for Foreign Direct Investment and Export Promotion of the Republic of Macedonia, Bern (Switzerland) ▪ Organizing trade events, B2B events B2G events, business forums ▪ Attracting foreign direct investments from Switzerland ▪ Promoting the business of Republic of Macedonia in Switzerland ▪ Cooperating with Switzerland's Chamber of Commerce

1 Jul 2011–30 Jun 2016 Head of International Office Agency for Foreign Direct Investment and Export promotion of the Republic of Macedonia, Brussels (Belgium) ▪ Promoting the business environment of Macedonia in Belgium  ▪ Attracting foreign direct investments from Belgium ▪ Facilitating Belgium and Macedonian companies to do business together ▪ Searching the market of Belgium ▪ Organizing B2B and B2G meetings, business forums, seminars ▪ Representing Macedonia in seminars and conferences regarding trade and investments ▪ Reporting through CRM system


Oct 2009–Jan 2012 MSc in Management and Strategy (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) The University of Sheffield ▪ Graduated with Merits ▪ Strategy Formulation ▪ Managing Strategy Processes ▪ Strategic people Management

▪ Accounting and Finance for Managers ▪ Distribution and Transportation Management ▪ Logistics and Supply Chain Management ▪ Dissertation - LOGISTICS PERFORMANCE AS AN INDICATOR OF ATTRACTING FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENTS IN MACEDONIA: A DELPHI STUDY

Sep 2004–May 2008 Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Arts and Science (Management and Business Administration) ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ▪ Management process ▪ Marketing ▪ New venture development ▪ Franchising ▪ Statistics ▪ Macroeconomics ▪ Public Policy ▪ Managerial Accounting ▪ Communication in Business ▪ Organization and Management ▪ Planning ▪ Global Forces and Trends ▪ Attending project teams within the university that were used as consulting projects for many institutions and organizations ▪ Attended forums and debates regarding different topics offered

Sep 2004–May 2006 Associated Degree in Applied Arts and Science (Entrepreneurship and Business Development) ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

4 Nov 2013–8 Nov 2013 EU Export Promotion for Commercial Attaches & Economic Diplomats Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, The Hague (Netherlands) ▪ Techniques in export promotion ▪ Market research ▪ Presentation of a niche market

16 Dec 2014–17 Dec 2014 FDI Attraction Conway Events, Skopje (Republic of Macedonia) ▪ Techniques attracting foreign direct investments

23 May 2008 Certificate in Management Development College of Applied Science and Technology


Languages: Albanian, Macedonian, English




Job-related skills ▪ experience in working with the public and private sector ▪ experience in facilitation ▪ organizing events related to export ▪ sharing experience to companies in searching new markets ▪ capability to learn companies how to win a new market ▪ experience working with emerging economies ▪ KNOW-HOW regarding the need of the companies from the region ▪ understanding the requirements the EU asks for import from non-EU countries

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