Ivan Vujovic

Environmental Protection Analyst

I graduated as an environmental analyst at the Faculty of applied ecology “Futura”. Driven by desire to further improve my knowledge in the field of environmental protection I worked on various projects, before finding a job in a highly esteemed company „Tehpro“ d.o.o., which provides services in the field of HSE in Serbia. First part of my involvement with Tehpro company was volunteering in the Department for Environmental Protection as associate and member of NGO “Sredina” on project that had as main goal rising environmental awareness. During that period, I was engaged in couple activities, one of which is educating children about importance of preserving the environment through various workshops in preschools. Also, at that time I was doing consulting work in the field of waste and chemicals management.

My attitude towards work and constant search for improvement led me to the opportunity to develop managing skills in otherfields such as health and safety at work and fire protection. I performed many activities in the mentioned fields for big systems in factories of various types. Greatest challenges in my five-year-old career were those in factories such as „Xella Serbia“ d.o.o., „Froneri Adriatic“ (former Nestle ice cream factory) and „Coficab“ d.o.o.

Managing a reliable OHS and FP system and coordinating involved teams in the mentioned factories primarily implied:

Ø  Advanced management of the legally and internally required OHS and FP documentation,

Ø  Defining numerous procedures and performing many basic and specific (theoretical and practical) OHS trainings regarding mechanical hazards, operating mobile equipment, handling of hazardous chemicals, confined space, electrical safety, LOTO, working on heights, work permits issuing, stumbling – slipping – falling, fire protection and evacuation drills etc.,

Ø  Using various methods for risk assessment, analyzing and identification of all the hazards in work processes and defining appropriate corrective and preventive measures such as placing safety signs and instructions, installing the suitable protective devices (micro switches, sensors, fences, plates, gratings etc.), adjusting working conditions (ventilation system, lights, air condition and so on), marking indoor and outdoor traffic routes – placing appropriate traffic signs, lights and mirrors, defining the right PPE etc.,

Ø  Implementing many OHS actions in order to raise safety awareness and safety culture such as safety day organizing, placing and updating OHS information board, designing and placing safety posters, play safety promo videos via different screen types, placing visual aid instructions, organizing safety motivation speeches etc., Using various tools for OHS nonconformities identification such as safety observation within the safety walks, including all the employees into the safety system through the OHS observations and suggestions forms, safety check lists for operators and check lists for supervisors etc.,

Ø  Using different tools for tracking and recording unsafe actions, near miss situations, first aid injuries and lost time injuries, as well as keeping statistics and following trends regarding LTIFR and LTISR.

I also worked for many other less demanding systems with different type of business (service providing companies) such as „Volvo“ d.o.o., „Škoda“ d.o.o., „Hit auto“ d.o.o., „Electrotechnical Institute Nikola Tesla“, „Ada Ciganlija“ and others.