Ignjat Rakitic

Raska Municipality

He was born In Kraljevo, on  July  11th, 1979. Primary and three classes of secondary school  education he finished  In Raška. The fourth grade he finished in USA. During school year 1997-1998.he stayed in Houston, where he attended  JERSEY VILLAGE HIGH SCHOOL and CLEAR CREEK HIGH SCHOOL. He continued his education in Belgrade, at Faculty for management “Janicije I danica Karic”. He runned private company specialized for trading and advertizing.

Ignjat Rakitic is politically active since 2008, when he became a member of SNS. After the election in 2012. he became a deputy mayor. Two years later he was appointed to the position of mayor of Municipality of  Raska. The elections at all levels took place in Serbia in 2016. The SNS won the majority so that Ignjat Rakitic got new four-year mandate. He speaks English. He has two daughters.