Geraint Bowden

Senior Partner
ERM London

Geraint Bowden is a Senior Partner at ERM, and is ERM’s Mining Sector Lead for Europe.  Geraint specialises in impact assessment, restoration and closure planning, and is involved in two mining impact assessments in Serbia, and a number of other major projects in Europe and Africa. 

Geraint joined ERM in 2006, and has 30 years of experience in the fields of mining, power and land development.  Prior to joining ERM, Geraint worked for a UK Government Agency with responsibility for a wide range of projects to address the social, environmental and physical legacy of the 200 year-old Welsh mining and metals industry.  He also had an all-Wales technical advisory role on mining, metals and rehabilitation, as part of a programme to address over 1000 legacy sites.  Geraint is a Chartered Civil Engineer.