dr Milinko Radosavljevic

Mining Institute Belgrade

Milinko Radosavljević was born on 28th of September 1959 in Raska. After concluding the high school, department of natural sciences and mathematics, he enrolled at the faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade. He graduated in 1988 at Department for the Open Pit Mining and the same year got employed at Copper Mine Majdanpek, where he worked as a production engineer responsible for organization and supervision of cooper production. In 1995 he joined Mining institute in Belgrade in the position of chief engineer at the Division for environmental protection. Later on he was promoted to a head of division for environmental protection and in 2008 to a head of the Laboratory for environmental protection. In July 2013 he was appointed director of the Mining institute.

As a specialist for testing of the ambient air quality and measurement of environmental noise, he was responsible for investigating the physical and chemical hazards in the working environment, monitoring of ambient air quality, and testing of noise levels in the environment.  He mainly worked on preparation of the project documentation such as impact assessment of technologies and facilities on the environment, reclamation projects of surfaces degraded by mining operations, and fire and environmental protection plans.

In 2000 he obtained the Master degree in Mining Engineering at the Department for Ventilation and Technical Protection at Faculty of Mining and Geology, University of Belgrade, with the thesis titled  "The possibility of the ventilation of deep open pits under the influence of natural convection" mentored by Prof. Jovan Pejčinović.

Since 2002 he is active member of the Technical Commission of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection for evaluation of the Environmental Impact Assessments. He holds certification for mining engineering and fire protection.

As author and co-author has more then 30 scientific and professional papers.

He is married and has two children.