dr Milan Parivodic

General Legal Counsel, GRAS
Parivodic Advokati/Lawyers

Dr. Milan Parivodić is a practicing business lawyer in association with Marić Mališić Dostanić law firm. He is also the founder and chairman of FORINVEST (Foreign Investors Services), a Belgrade based company providing strategic support to major foreign investment projects involving multinational and other large companies. Milan is personally structuring investment deals, strategically supporting efficient growth of FDI businesses, as well as fixing problems that may arise in the process. Milan is a professor of international business and contract law at the European Center for Peace and Development of University for Peace established by the United Nations. Milan is member of the board of directors at Vojvodjanska Banka - member of NBG Group. Dr Parivodić has recently been appointed member of the Atlantic Council of the United States.

Parivodić served as Serbian Minister of Finance (2006-2007) and Minister of International Economic Relations (2004-2007). He was also Advisor to the Prime Minister of Serbia for economy and law (2007-2008). Then he became partner at the largest Austrian law firm Wolf Theiss, managing their Belgrade office of some 30 lawyers (2007-2009).

He drafted and defended in Parliament major pieces of commercial and civil legislation: Foreign Trade Law, Foreign Investment Law, Mortgage Law, Arbitration Law, IP Enforcement Law, Concessions Law, Church Property Restitution Law, draft Property Law, draft Law on General Restitution. Parivodić was awarded the Serbian Royal Order of the White Eagle, Grand Cross in February 2007.

Dr. Parivodić lectured civil law and property law at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Laws from 1991 to 2004. Published two law books and many legal articles.

Milan holds a doctorate in business law (SJD) from the University of Belgrade Law School (2002), an LL.M. in International Business Law from University College London (1997), a masters degree in international business law from the University of Belgrade Law School (1995), and a LL.B. from the same school. He is admitted to the Serbian Bar (1999).

Parivodić published legal monographs “Exclusive Distribution in the Laws of Yugoslavia and the European Community” (1996), and “Law of International Franchising” (2003), and numerous articles in international and Serbian law journals in the fields of international trade law, contract law, intellectual property law, competition law.