Dmitry Klebanov

Business Development Director

Business Development Director of VIST Group, Ph.D., defended his thesis at the Institute of Problems of Comprehensive Development of the Earth's under the guidance of Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Trubetskoi Kliment Nikolaevich.

In 2008 he graduated with honors from the Moscow Aviation Institute (Technical University) with the assignment of an engineer in the specialty of telecommunications.
In 2009, he graduated a second higher education in the same institute as an engineer-economist in the specialty of anti-crisis management of the enterprise.
In 2012 he graduated from the full-time postgraduate course of the Moscow Aviation Institute of the Faculty of Radio Electronics.
In 2014, he studied in INSEAD at the Advanced Industrial Marketing Strategy program.

Dmitriy has been working in the field of automation of mining since 2009. Before that, he worked in telecommunications at various positions and was engaged in IT projects and software development in companies: AKADO-Stolitsa (Moscow), Ericsson (Backnang, Germany).

He is the author of theoretical and experimental research in the field of changing parameters of open pits using autonomous dump trucks. Dmitry is a regular participant of Russian and international conferences in the field of automation of mining operations and using cutting-edge technologies in process industries, applications of predictive analytics and principles of digital transformation of the mining industry.