Chris Johnstone

Canadian Social Performance Expert and Senior Partner
ERM Canada

Chris Johnstone is a Senior Partner with ERM based in Toronto, Ontario. Previously, he was Senior Partner of rePlan Inc., which was acquired by ERM in 2015.

Chris has worked in the field of community development and social performance management since 1993. He is a globally recognized resettlement planner and social management specialist specializing in managing the community impacts, risks, and opportunities associated with resource and infrastructure development projects.

Chris has led complex land acquisition, land use planning, impact assessment, governance, infrastructure planning, and economic development projects in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America and the Caribbean. His work integrates physical, social, and economic planning, with an emphasis on consultation, negotiation and participatory planning, to balance risk and opportunities within projects. He is intimately familiar with international policies and standards related to environmental and social management and performance.

Prior to joining rePlan in 2004, Chris was based in Mongolia for ten years, where he worked for the United Nations Development Program, and later as Canada’s honorary consul and coordinator of its development assistance efforts. Chris graduated from the University of Toronto (1987), and received an MA in History from the University of Waterloo (1990), with a particular focus on Canada’s migration policy and record of international development assistance.