Aco Ilic

General Manager

·         Born 5.04.1963. in Gornji Milanovac
·         He finished Primary school in Rudnik and High mathematical-technical school in Gornji Milanovac
·         Graduated from Faculty of Mining and Geology, Department of Geology, and received a B.Sc. in geology title
·         His first job was in DP Rudnik i flotacija Rudnik, since 28.06. 1989. and until than he worked in mining industry
·         In „Rudnik“ he worked in the following activities:

1.      geologist for the production 1989 – 1992
2.      research geologist 1992 – 1996
3.      manager of geological department 1996 – 2000
4.      general manager of mine 2000 – 2002
5.      manager of geological department 2002 – 2004
6.      general manager of mine since 2004.

He is also:

  1. Member ofSerbian Chamber of Commerce, in the board of the association for mining metals, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy,
  2. Member of  Regional Chamber of Commerce Kraljevo, for the mining sector.
  3. Member Of Congress of Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  4. The President of the Board of the association for mining metals, ferrous and non-ferrous mettallurgy
  5. Deputy President of the Geological and Mining Association of Serbia (GRAS Mining Association)


1.  2009. Serbian Chamber of Commerce Award for their achievements in Development and improvement of the economy
2.  2010.Regional Chamber of Commerce Award Kraljevo for the best results
3.  2010. Golden Plaque "Takovski ustanak," the greatest recognition of Gornji Milanovac.